Former Group Members



Dr. Hui Nie


PhD Candidates


Dr. Tony Ekkelenkamp


Dr. Guoying Si

Dr. Guoying Si completed his PhD track in 2015 and moved on to University College Cork where he is a PostDoc working on a nanotechnological formulation for oral insulin delivery.

Dr. Sry Dewi Hujaya


Master Students

2017Annerieke Wouda
2016Aniek Doensen
2016Leonie ter Stege
2015Alexander Moerer
2015Charlotte HarderCharlotte went on to teach chemistry at Bonhoeffer College.
2015Kate PailmaKate joined Oce Technologies - Canon, where she is working as an Ink Developer.
2015Marty van OschMarty is now a research technician at Chemelot InSciTe.
2015Michelle Jansman
2015Roy BoonenRoy is currently working as a PhD candidate in Eindoven University.
2015Verena BöhmerVerena joined the PET-MRI project in Groningen where she is now a PhD student.
2014Dineke Dijkslag
2014Robbert van der HouwenRobbert switched field slightly and is now a technical application manager at Ordina.
2013Meri AyuriniMeri is currently working as a university lecturer at Pertamina University in Indonesia.

Bachelor Students

2013Gandolf van der GriendGandolf now works as a junior projectmanager at CureSupport B.V.
2013Julian JentschJulian joined Weill Cornell Medicine in New York as a PhD candidate. 
2013Lisanne Dijk
2012David Burkle
2012Eveline van Kampen

Exchange Students

2015Manuel Figureiredo
2015Mohamed Musrati
2015Monika JędrzejczykMonika now works as a PhD student at Maastricht University. 
2014Christian Heine
2014Konstantinos Giannopoulous
2013Lena KunzeLena continued as a PhD candidate at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.
2012Arantxa Martinez
2012María Jesús Roldán RuizMaria currently works as a laboratory technician at Dairy Crest in Davidstow, UK.
2012Regina HolmRegina joined the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz as a PhD student
2012Thomas Wolf

Internship Students

2016Diana van der Ven
2015Dennis de Vries
2014Mart Damhuis
2014Sjoerd Westerhof
2013Douwe Kuipers
2012Linda Gijzen

Current Group Members